Research Topic

Spin transport through a single molecule by means of spin-polarized STM

Research Aim

With fluctuations, information transmission system construction will be the most important issue in device miniaturization. We will precisely measure fluctuation conductivity through a single molecule, elucidate principles from these measurements, and control stochastic resonance with external noise to perform research fundamental to the practical application of molecular calculation elements (molecular architectures) using multiple single molecules.

Role and Need in the Group

A03-3 research on the ‘elucidation of the magnetic conduction properties of single molecules by spin-polarized STM’ explores the nature of single-molecule conductivity fluctuation and aims to express and control stochastic resonance using external noise. We will develop multiple molecular magnetic information modules that handle information transmission by current fluctuation.

Research Content

Using STM single-molecule measurements and spin-polarized STM single-molecule electron spin transport measurements, we aim to (1) precisely measure electron spin ‘fluctuation’ and (2) search for external noise factors that express stochastic resonance and elucidate the stochastic resonance expression process.



Research representative: Toyokazu Yamada Associate Professor / Chiba University Graduate School of Advanced Integaration Science
Researchers coordinated with: Kohji Nakamura /
Researchers coordinated with: Hideki Yorimitsu Associate Professor / Kyoto University Graduate School of Science

Papers List


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DOI: 10.1038/srep12341


[3] 単一ナノ分子・磁気抵抗素子~スピン偏極STMによる単一分子電子スピン伝導測定~(Single Molecular Magnetoresistance : Spin Conductance through a Single Molecule by means of Spin-Polarized STM)

Journal of The Surface Science Society of Japan, 34, 8, 443 - 448, 2013
DOI: 10.1380/jsssj.34.443

[2] Recovery of nanomolecular electronic states from tunneling spectroscopy: LDOS of low-dimensional phthalocyanine molecular structures on Cu(111)

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DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/24/39/395704

[1] How contacting electrodes affect single π-conjugated molecular electronic states: LDOS of phthalocyanine nano molecules on MgO(001), Cu(111), Ag(001), Fe(001) and Mn(001)

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