Research Topic

Creation of molecular neural network based on electron transfer reaction

Research Aim

In order to realize molecular-scale electronics, a system such as the brain, which works cooperatively as a network of individual molecules at work—in other words, a neural network—is a more appropriate model than adapting current silicon devices to the workings of a single molecule. Neural networks are unlike current semiconductor devices that pursue high-speed, high-density, and high-reliability; instead, we will realize flexible information processing in which stochastic elements act collectively to create a network that, based on stochastic resonance, is tolerant to defects. This research is an attempt to use molecular architectonics to build a neural network that shows functions similar to that of the brain with molecular material.

Role and Need in the Group

A specific methodology is required to integrate single molecules and functions. We will build a prototype of a molecular neural network based on the functions of a single molecule that were revealed by this research area and present an architecture that should be sought by molecular electronics.

Research Content

a04-2.jpgUsing molecular architectonics, we will incorporate functional molecules into the molecular network and construct a network that shows brain-like functions based on stochastic resonance. We will proceed with our research while considering in particular the following points: 1. Memory function: Incorporate a protein that is capable of multi-stage oxidation-reduction and expressing memory function based on the state transition of stochastic resonance. 2. Connect to the stochastic resonance network with negative resistance molecules, form a feedback circuit, and produce oscillation behavior. 3. Bias supply: Supply electric potential to the network by incorporating molecules with photovoltaic power.



Research representative: Takuya Matsumoto /
Researchers coordinated with: Hiroshi Ohoyama /
Researchers coordinated with: Dock-Chil Che /
Researchers coordinated with: Yoichi Otsuka /

Papers List


[1] Conductance with stochastic resonance in Mn12 redox network without tuning [重要文献]

Yoshiaki Hirano; Yuji Segawa; Takayoshi Kuroda-Sowa; Tomoji Kawai; Takuya Matsumoto
Appl. Phys. Lett., 104, 233104, , 2014/June/09
DOI: 10.1063/1.4882160