Research Topic

Preparation of Switching Devices Based on Single Molecules and Their Aggregates

Research Aim

With fluctuations, information transmission system construction will be the most important issue in device miniaturization. Using molecules whose single structure and functions are precisely designed, our goals are to (1) gain knowledge related to carrier and spin injection characteristics through the differences in connection modes between non-magnetic and magnetic electrodes and molecules; (2) gain knowledge related to carrier and spin transport mechanisms through differences in molecular structure; and (3) produce guidelines for signal enhancement methods by actively adding the origin of noise superimposed on a signal and noise. We will establish a method for controlling carriers and spin injection and transport in a single molecule and derive a design guideline for switching elements.

Role and Need in the Group

Using molecules newly synthesized by the A01 group and the electrode surface whose features were revealed by the A02 group, we will examine the injection and transport performance of the charge and spin, and, in collaboration with the theory of the A03 group and the surface physics of each group, we will supply feedback to each group. Furthermore, in addition to the considering the generation of noise, we will provide guidance to the integration conducted by the A04 group.

Research Content

We will elucidate and control (1) the structural optimization of molecule-electrode interfaces and (2) the transport mechanism of carrier and spin in a single-molecule junction. For (1), we will examine the effect on carrier and spin injection caused by connection mode: the surface composed with non-magnetic metal and magnetic metal surface to the anchor. For (2), we will measure the field-effect transistor characteristics as well as the spin valve characteristics of a single molecule.a03-4.JPG



Research representative: Yasuhisa Naitoh Senior Researcher / AIST NRI
Member of the research project: Ryo Yamada /
Member of the research project: Shoji Tanaka /
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Papers List


[1] Formation of accurate 1-nm gaps using the electromigration method during metal deposition

Yasuhisa Naitoh; Qingshuo Wei; Masakazu Mukaida; Takao Ishida
Applied Physics Express, 9, 3, 035201-1 - 035201-4, 2016/2/4
DOI: 10.7567/APEX.9.035201