Research Topic

Charge and Spin Transport at Molecular Structures Studied by Functional Four-Tip STM

Research Aim

The purpose of this research is to use the functional multi-probe scanning tunneling microscope (STM) that we developed to measure the electron and spin transport properties of two- and three-dimensional components, such as the various molecular structures and electrode surface structures necessary to molecular architectonics created by other groups working on this research area. This will allow us to elucidate their functional properties, and reflect them in the molecular architectural design.

Role and Need in the Group

Our research will focus on wire-like molecular structures, such as those of the macromolecular oligothiophene wire that the Tada Group plans to research, as a sample of 4-probe STM measurement of a molecular structure synthesized in this research area. In addition to the electrical properties, we will also focus on measuring the spin transport characteristics using a magnet-coated CNT probe. Because a theoretical grounding is necessary to analyze the data we obtain, we will proceed with the data analysis in cooperation with the A03-1 Asai Group and A02-2 Ishida Group.

Research Content

1. Replace the SEM controller of the 4-probe STM with a unique controller and aim for a high-resolution, low-current operation mode of the SEM to enable the observation of molecular structures. 2. Simplify the fabrication process for CNT probes and stabilize their quality. We will focus on establishing a probe fabrication process that achieves good reproducibility of the magnetization state of the magnet-coated CNT probe. 3. Using the above technology and an existing ultra-high vacuum (UHV) 4-probe STM device, we will measure the electron and spin transport properties of the molecular structure and electrode substrate surface to be observed in this research, and reflect the results in the molecular architecture. We will perform microfabrication of the electrode substrate surface with an ultra-high vacuum focused ion beam (FIB) that is built into the device, which will be useful for measuring the conductive properties of the structure of individual molecules.a03-2.jpg



Research representative: Shuji Hasegawa /
Member of the research project: Toru Hirahara Assistant Professor / University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science

Papers List


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