Research Topic

Building heterosystems for molecular architechtonics and exploring the quantum properties

Research Aim

With this research, we will design appropriate molecule–electrode interactions and molecular junction positions with the aims of ‘emphasizing the inherent functions and characteristics’ and ‘expressing the unique physical properties that first manifest themselves in a heterosystem’.

Role and Need in the Group

We will build a heterosystem using the unique molecules synthesized by the A01 group and provide it to the other research groups for the construction of a model device that makes use of the characteristics of the molecule.

Research Content

a02-4.jpgWe will expand the use of organometallic molecules and the novel molecules synthesized by the A01 group and use them with diverse substrates such as silicene, building a heterosystem that will serve as the foundation for supporting molecular architectonics. We will elucidate the effects caused by junctions for electron level, conduction properties and magnetism of the molecule. Thus, we will explorer novel quantum properties through joint engineering of the heterosystem.



Research representative: Noriaki Takagi /
Member of the research project: Ryuichi Arafune /

Papers List


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