Research Topic

Investigation of Spin Dynamic at the Interface between Single-Molecule-Magnet and Substrate

Research Aim

This group will pursue the theories of the interaction between organic molecular spin and molecular current caharacteristics with the objective of developing applications of the interaction by controlling it. We are especially interested in single-molecule magnets (SMMs), which show the properties of a magnet in a single molecule. We will make full use of methods for maintaining and controlling spin that utilize molecule-specific ligands, which cannot be achieved with magnetic metal atoms alone. This will allow us to pursue physicochemical theories that describe the novel quantum effects we are expecting.

Role and Need in the Group

We will be working with the molecule synthesis A1 group to advance the development of novel molecules, designing and synthesizing molecules that never exist. We will design and develop the surface and interfacial structures, using those molecules to optimize the injection and transport of spin from the metal substrate to the molecule. We will use that interface control and take advantage of the characteristics that allow single-molecule magnets to preserve the orientation of the spin so as to build a spin valve effect that uses molecules. This will be in collaboration with A03 and A04.

Research Content

a02-1.jpgA01 group members owning advanced synthesis techniques will provide us with external stimulus responsive molecules as well as photochromic and electrochromic molecules. We will elucidate the spin states using an ultra-high vacuum and low-temperature scanning tunneling microscope (STM), focusing on the magnetic resistance caused by their interaction with electron transport, and aim to pursue theories and applications of their generation mechanism. We will make full use of equipment that makes world-class high-resolution measurement possible and we will elucidate the correlation between spin states and conduction properties through spectroscopy of the tunneling current.



Research representative: Tadahiro Komeda Professor / Tohoku University Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
Member of the research project: Tsuyoshi Takaoka Lecturer / Tohoku University Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
Member of the research project: Yasuyuki Sainoo Assistant Professor / Tohoku University Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials

Papers List


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