Research Topic

Synthesis and assembly of organic/inorganic molecular composites bearing non-symmetric and/or non-linear single molecule electronic properties

Research Aim

We will perform molecular design (in collaboration with the Yoshihiro Asai Group) and synthesis in order to use single molecules to realize functional units (such as rectification, negative differential resistance, memory effect, and integrate-and-fire elements) that can be expected to express new functions through high-order integration. We will demonstrate (in collaboration with the Kazuhiko Matsumoto Group and the Hasegawa Group), using multi-probe measurements using materials such as carbon nanotube electrodes, the high functional expression created by measuring (in collaboration with Tada Group) and integrating the electrical properties of these single molecules. We will also design and synthesize molecular structures for realizing functions based on proposals from other teams. Finally, we will explore the possibility of new information processing methods by combining the molecular structures through collaboration with the Tetsuya Asai Group. So far, we have demonstrated that characteristics like rectification, negative differentiating resistance, or single chain magnets can be realized in a single or small number of molecules by using materials such as porphyrin, imide, polyoxometalate, and carbon nanotubes. We also researched the structuring of functional units through organic synthesis or self-assembly. Based on our findings, our goal is to realize single molecules possessing advanced functions, such as memory effects or integrate-and-fire elements and then to unify these as a step toward brain-like information processing that uses fluctuation.

Role and Need in the Group

This research topic requires the resolution of an extremely broad range of scientific problems, including the physics of a single molecule, the integration and measurement of single-molecule elements, and the emergence of advanced electronic functions through integration, and cannot be addressed through individual research such as that covered by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research. Therefore, we plan to conduct research jointly: with theoretical groups such as the Yoshihiro Asai group during the molecular design stage; the Tada, Matsumoto, and Hasegawa Groups during the measurement stage; and the Tetsuya Asai Groups for the realization of advanced electronic functions through integration. This plan will be accomplished with organic combination of joint research in these areas.

Research Content

(1) Reveal the design guidelines for achieving non-linear and asymmetric electronic functions of single-molecules such as rectification, negative differential resistance, memory effect, and integrate-and-fire elements. This will be accomplished though the mechanical break junction method, the point contact current image atomic force microscope (PCI-AFM) bound to single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT), and 2-probe conductive AFM. The group of molecules shown in Figure 4 (mostly synthesized) reveals single-molecule electrical characteristics. Synthesize SWNT and a new polyoxometalate (POM) molecule that can be connected to a metal electrode with a covalent bond, and investigate the relationship between the negative differential resistance and structure at the single-molecule level. (2) Combine three electrodes into a single molecule and consider whether signal amplification is possible. The molecule shown in Figure 5 is an acceptor-donor-acceptor molecule. We combine each of these with SWNTs and perform measurements using multi-probe STMs. We are planning to use SWNTs to isolate metal objects with the same (n, m) index. This will be the first time in the world realizing the three-terminal single-molecule measurement. (3) Investigate the non-linear, asymmetric electronic functions realized in (1), conduct a three-terminal measurement of (2), and consider the expression of new functions, such as a stochastic resonance gate together with the A04 group. (4) Consider, together with the A04 group, what elementary functions are required for realizing higher order functions (such as memory, learning, and judgment, and other brain-like information processing functions that use fluctuation), explore how to achieve these functions with molecules, and then perform the synthesis with the necessary molecular design.Synthesis and assembly of organic.png



Research representative: Takuji Ogawa Professor / Osaka University Graduate School of Science
Member of the research project: Hirofumi Tanaka Professor / Kyushu Institute of Technology Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering
Member of the research project: Daisuke Tanaka /
Member of the research project: Yosuke Tani / Osaka University Graduate School of Science

Papers List


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